7 Quick and Easy Online Marketing Tips to Help Improve Your Online Business Presence

Looking for online marketing tips to help give your website the edge you need to boost your business? Here are 7 useful tips you can easily implement on your site to start improving your business today!Make good use of title and meta description tags. A lot of people tend to overlook these particular tags, especially the meta descriptions. These allow web pages on a web site to become much more visible to the search engines while letting web users know just what you have to offer. Using these tags properly can make it easier to gain visibility and conversions. It is wise to write these tags using keyword phrases that your visitors would type into a search engine to find your website.
Never, ever copy content. Don’t copy content from other sites. Not only is it unethical, it is one of the quickest ways to lessen your website ranking in the search engines. When communicating good information you gain from other sources, make an effort to re-write ideas and concepts in your own words with your unique twist or perspective.
Use keywords when naming your images. Use relevant keywords to give your website visibility in the image search function of many search engines and to help improve your website ranking on search engine listing pages. Make sure all pictures you upload to your website are named using keywords that accurately describe their content and/or are keyword phrases that your target audience most likely uses when searching for your services or products. Doing this small step helps you tap into another source of web traffic from search engines.
DO THIS: blue-ridge-mountains-Davila-resort.jpg
DON’T DO THIS: resort-picture01.jpg
Create a relevant blog and content. If you have a blog make sure that all your discussions and content are relevant and useful to your audience. Good content wins respect and attention from your audience and keeps them curious enough to revisit your website. Update your blog and keep it fresh with new information at least weekly so your visitors will be anxious to revisit your site.
Establish yourself as an expert. Writing short articles in your area of expertise helps establish you as a professional in your field. There is a perception that when someone reads an article, book, or other printed materials-the author is an authority. Write articles on topics that are of interest to your audience and publish them on free article directories.
Keep in contact with your audience. “Out of sight, out of mind” is more than just a cliché-it is the truth! Whether you have a small or large email list, you really need to stay in contact with your audience. At the very least email them a message every two weeks. Make it worth their time to read your communications. Share relevant success tips or other good content so that you will be fresh in their minds. They’ll be more inclined to stay subscribed to your email list if they expect useful content from you on a regular schedule-NOT only when you are trying to sell something. Keeping in contact helps build good relationships with your target audience.
Add a human face to your business.People want to do business with other people. Giving your website your own personal touch makes people feel more comfortable and increases the chances they’ll trust you. Make sure you are accessible if someone has a question or comment. Put your contact information clearly on the website. Let people know that there’s a person on the other end of the screen and they’ll be more willing to interact with you. Put a professional photo of you on your site so your audience can see the person they are doing business with.Keep these web marketing tips in mind and you’ll be able to attract not only more people to your website, but the right people-the ones that ultimately lead to business success!

6 Steps to an Online Business

Here are 6 simple steps you can follow right away in starting an online business.Step 1: Find a profitable market which sends buy-orientated traffic to your site. You don’t want traffic which isn’t willing to spend money. You won’t profit at all. I doubt you would even make a cent. You don’t really need to know anything about the particular market. Just find out if people are willing to spend money in the market.Step 2: Set Up your first website, which is a survey site. Use the survey to ask questions regarding the wants of your traffic. It would be good to put an opt-in page as well so that you can capture these visitors. Just because they want to answer the questions on the survey, it shows you that they are the people who are looking for their wants to be fulfilled. The best way to drive traffic to the survey site is to use Google AdWords because articles would simply take too long. Keep the site up for roughly 3-5 days as you collect the data.Step 3: If you don’t know anything about the market, outsource the product creation. Go to the Elance website. There you can find quality ghostwriters. Just make sure you do some research on them, like find out how well they have been rated by the people who have outsourced to them. Or, you could just recommend an affiliate product. But make sure it satisfies the wants of the prospects. To make sure of this, I suggest you buy the book and see if it meets the wants of the prospects based on the responses to the survey.Step 4: Write your Copy. While this can be outsourced, you have to be able to find the good ones. No point getting it written by someone cheap because it is very likely to be rubbish.Step 5: Set up a mini site only with your sales page. Don’t put any AdSense ads or links that would distract your visitors.Step 6: Split test the sales letters. Compare to see which converts better. Aim for a conversion rate of about 1%, you can make much more on back-end sales. And even if just 10 out of 1000 people buy your product, what if your product is valued at $47? You make $470 just like that. Plus you would’ve built a good list and made back-end sales.And, you just need to rinse and repeat these steps and you can have multiple sites making you $470 for every thousand visitors you get.